To realize this mission, OKWAVE and OKWAVE Group will provide services that promote the resolution of questions and wonders that the community has, and services that aim to enhance the response to inquiries from customers for companies. We will visualize gratitude by helping each other on this service. Also, we would like to contribute to the society and create a “New Value” in this era where work style and lifestyle change dramatically through visualization of previously unseen values, contribution to society and people, and the important values of human society that remains essentially unchanged even if the time changes.
Toward the development of such businesses, we will further enhance technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, and security enhancement.
Based on our corporate philosophy, we aim to be the company that can contribute to those involved, and all employees will unite to promote our commitment. We sincerely ask for and appreciate your continued support.

President & Representative Director Michio Fukuda

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