First of all, I want to thank you for your continuous support.

The company name OKWAVE incorporates the acronyms of two Japanese words, “Oshiete” (teach me) and “Kotaeru” (answer).
By mediate “Oshiete” (teach me) and “Kotaeru” (answer), we wish to make it ‘OK’ by solving questions, problems, and wonders which everyone has. We are expecting to expand it as a ‘wave’ to a global scale.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19, we are facing unprecedented times that no one has ever experienced before on a global scale, in the way that the situation could not be measured with existing concepts.
Under such circumstances, I believe our corporate philosophy, which has advocated since its founding, may become required in such times; “Contributing to the world development through the creation of platforms for mutual aid, thus fulfilling people’s physical and mental well-being.”
To realize this mission, we have been preparing as OKWAVE as well as the OKWAVE Group to commercialize the “THANKS economy platform,” aiming to fulfill people’s physical and mental well-being to enrich their lives, through the appropriate evaluation of the recipient of gratitude. In addition to promoting this, we would like to aim to expand the FinTech Business domain that constitutes this platform.
Also, within our Enterprise Business services for companies, we believe our business could expand through this “THANKS economy platform,” by expanding recognition of gratitude earned by the knowledge itself, like Q&A and FAQs, as well as the people who contributed them.
Based on our corporate philosophy, we aim to be the company that can contribute to those involved, and all employees will unite to promote our commitment. We sincerely ask for and appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director and President Michio Fukuda

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