[The world is overflowing with “thank you”]

We believe that “the world is already overflowing with ‘thank you'”.

It is called a divided society. Conflicts, confrontations, and wars appear in the media almost every day. We feel that the world is getting more and more confused, chaotic, and deeply divided.

On the flip side, there is a little “thank you” has been exchanging every day. In our daily lives, we exchange many small “thank you” while solving various problems with the people around us, such as with colleagues in the office, friends at school, family, at restaurants, while on journey and so on. We are living surrounded by those little “thank you” that we tend to overlook.

・I have exchanged so many “thank you” in the past month.
・In my office and school, so many “thank you” are exchanged in a month.
・In our house, a lot of “thank you” are exchanged in a month.
・A lot of “thank you” are exchanged every day all over the world.
・At this moment, so many “thank you” are running around the world.

If we could see and always feel the “thank you” that has already been exchanged at this moment, we might be able to feel more that “this world is kind, heartwarming and prosperous”.

“We want to visualize ‘thank you’ all over the world”

This is the world that OKWAVE aims for.

Hajime Sugiura, Representative Director

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