Board of Directors


福田 道夫
President & Representative Director

Michio Fukuda

  • Appointed in April 2020 after working at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT).
Many people can use the tools, know-how, and knowledge (information / knowledge / wisdom / knowledge) cultivated while operating the Q & A site “OKWAVE”, and solve various problems through community activation solutions. We support social contribution and industrial promotion. In the new era of DX (digital transformation) and information society, we will continue to promote our business to help society, organizations, and companies.
野崎 正徳
Director (Co-founder)

Masanori Nozaki

  • Appointed in February 2000 after working at Yamada Osamitsu Accounting Office
In the business administration department, I am engaged in smoothing the workflow and improving the working environment. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than making the world a better place by expanding OKWAVE’s business.
Director (outside)

Yasuhito Omori

  • Director (outside) of AirTrip Corp.


Full-time corporate auditors (outside)

Masaaki Motegi

  • Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant of Motegi Accounting Office
Auditor (outside)

Hiroaki Rokugawa

  • Representative Partner Lawyer, Ogasawara Rokugawa International Law Office
Auditor (outside)

Nobuyuki Hata

  • geechs inc. (Auditor outside)

Executive Officers

Michio Fukuda

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
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