Board of Directors


福田 道夫
President & Representative Director

Michio Fukuda

  • Appointed in April 2020 after working at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT).
By sharing the tools and know-how cultivated during the operation of the Q&A community website “OKWAVE”, companies can help reduce support costs and increase sales. We want companies to feel the merits of using FAQs and convey the goods to more and more companies.
佐藤 哲也
Executive Vice President

Tetsuya Sato

  • Appointed in September 2014 after working at Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Q&A (ask/answer question) is a simple and powerful communication form that allows the reduction of the distance between “corporate and individual” and “corporate and corporate,” and creates mutual understanding.
If we look at the Q&A community website in the birds-eye perspective, it could see as a treasure trove with many discoveries and hints for business expansion/improvement. To meet your expectation, we will maximize the potential of the Q&A and offer it in the optimal form for everyone.
野崎 正徳
Director (Co-founder)

Masanori Nozaki

  • Appointed in February 2000 after working at Yamada Osamitsu Accounting Office
In the business administration department, I am engaged in smoothing the workflow and improving the working environment. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than making the world a better place by expanding OKWAVE’s business.
Director (outside)

Mitsunobu Hirose

Director (outside)

Yasuhito Omori

  • Director (outside) of AirTrip Corp.


Full-time corporate auditors

Toshihiko Iida

Auditor (outside)

Hiroaki Rokugawa

  • Representative Partner Lawyer, Ogasawara Rokugawa International Law Office
Auditor (outside)

Masaaki Motegi

  • Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant of Motegi Accounting Office

Executive Officers

Michio Fukuda

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Tetsuya Sato

  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Yusuke Jinnai

  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer) /
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) /
  • CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Akira Takeuchi

  • General Manager of Business Administration
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