Corporate Compliance

Enacted on December 1st, 2018
Representative Director Hajime Sugiura​

The mission of OKWAVE (hereinafter “we,” “our,” or “us”) is “Contributing to the world development through the creation of platforms for mutual aid, thus fulfilling people’s physical and mental well-being.” Under this mission, we establish and implement this basic policy on compliance (hereinafter, “Basic Policy”) to comply with laws and regulations as well as to conduct ethical corporate activities.

This Basic Policy shows our attitude toward compliance and provides the code of conduct to be followed by our officers, directors, and employees so as to incorporate compliance into their daily activities.

Under the Code of Conduct below, all our officers, directors, and employees shall contribute to the sound development of society, implement fair and transparent corporate activities, and act as sensible members of society openly and fairly in compliance with laws, regulations, and other social norms. In addition, upon the occurrence of a violation or alleged violation of the Code of Conduct below, our relevant officers, directors, and employees shall promptly investigate its cause and improve their business operations./p>

  1. 1. Respect of Human Rights; Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment, etc.
    We respect human rights and shall not commit any act of discrimination or harassment.
  2. 2.Compliance with the Antitrust Act and Related Laws and Regulations
    We comply with laws related to private monopolization, unreasonable restraint of trade, and unfair trade.
  3. 3.Prohibition of Unfair Competition
    We shall not engage in any unfair competition, such as the manufacture or sale of illicit products or unauthorized acquisition or use of trade secrets.
  4. 4.Compliance with Various Business Laws and Regulations
    We comply with various business laws and regulations to carry out our business activities by obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.
  5. 5.Compliance with Various Laws Related to Intellectual Property Rights
    We shall comply with various laws related to intellectual property rights and shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights of others.
  6. 6.Prohibition such as Bribery, Corruption, Illegal Provision of Profits
    We shall not commit any act of bribery or corruption, or any illicit payment or receipt of money against, and shall not offer such payment or receipt, to any third party, whether in the country where we are located or overseas.
  7. 7.Prohibition of Involvement in Antisocial Forces
    We shall stand firmly against antisocial activities and forces and will never be associate with any antisocial forces.
  8. 8.Prohibition of Insider Trading
    We shall not commit any act in violation of regulations on insider trading.
  9. 9.Appropriate Management of Information Assets
    We shall manage information assets appropriately.
  10. 10.Appropriate Use of the Information Communication Systems
    We shall use information communication systems appropriately.
  11. 11.Appropriate Disclosure of Information under Laws and Regulations
    We shall disclose information appropriately under laws and regulations.
  12. 12.Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest
    We shall carry out our business operations in good faith and shall not commit any act that conflicts with our interests.

Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces

Enacted on December 16th, 2016
Representative Director Hajime Sugiura​

Under the basic policy below, OKWAVE, Inc. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively the “OKWAVE Group”) declare that the OKWAVE Group will reject organized crime groups, members of organized crime groups, quasi-members of organized crime groups, companies affiliated with organized crime groups, corporate racketeers, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes, and any other groups or individuals that pursue economic profits using violence, or threatening or fraudulent means (hereinafter collectively “Antisocial Forces”).

  • ・The OKWAVE Group, as a whole, will refuse any unreasonable demands by Antisocial Forces.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will ensure the safety of its employees who respond to Antisocial Forces.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will block any relationship with Antisocial Forces, including but not limited to the provision of services and other business relationships.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will take transparent measures against and will never cover up or hide any unreasonable demands by Antisocial Forces, even if such demands arise out of any scandal over any business activity or caused by any employee of the OKWAVE Group.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will work closely with the police, the Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, lawyers, and any other external specialized organizations to reject Antisocial Forces.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will take both civil and criminal legal actions against unreasonable demands by Antisocial Forces.
  • ・The OKWAVE Group will firmly refuse unreasonable demands by Antisocial Forces.
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